Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exploring Nature with Aunt Teen

Here also is Flat John preparing to climb a boulder.  It was hard.  His new boots have good traction.  Lucky!

Here are various signs of the enemy.  They are geese, their tracks, and their droppings.  Aunt Teen has nothing against them except their droppings, which are EVERYWHERE in the fields.  The snow covered them up for a few weeks, and Aunt Teen hoped they would be gone when the snow melted, but no, they are still there, fresh as daisies. 

There were two flocks of geese today, and one flew away when Flat John and Aunt Teen went sledding.

Here is Flat John sledding on two different hills.  One of them is short and steep, and one is long and not steep.  In one of the pictures, he is on a jump that kids left on the hill.  It's upside down.  To use it, you turn it over and cover it with snow, and sled over it. 

We are not sure what that pink thing is that we used for a sled.  Aunt Teen found it in her office supply closet.  Flat John thought maybe it could be a boat, too.  Aunt Teen said maybe, when the snow melts, they would try it.  That snow is almost three weeks old.  There is still a lot.

Here is Flat John playing in some rocks, sledding down a steep bank, and tree climbing.  He got a lot of exercise today.

New Jersey Adventures

Here is Flat John, still in that warehouse, visiting the picture of Our Lord which hangs over the doorway.  FJ is also getting a ride on the handtruck, which he thought was great fun, even when it crashed into the rows of files.  No one was hurt -- the files are just cardboard and paper. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In New Jersey with Aunt Teen

Here is Flat John in a different warehouse. It also has lots of files. He is helping Aunt Teen collect more files, and getting a ride on a cart. This warehouse has a balcony and a skylight. The skylight helps when the electricity goes out, which has only happened once when the bill was not paid! One must pay one's bills!

Last night Flat John and I ate out at a diner. We took a friend out for dinner. The friend is an elderly lady, a former missionary to Liberia, who tells stories about finding cobras in her bathroom, and other things. She always gets scrambled eggs and bacon. Aunt Teen got a burger. We had a good time.

Well this was the last exciting day at work. I put Flat John in an envelope, with his hoola hoop so he would have something to play with on the way home. I hope he does not startle any mail carriers by hoola hooping and making the envelope quiver. I would be nervous, as a mail carrier, if I saw an envelope quiver. Anyway, I hope FJ gets back in time for the President's Day weekend outing.

Thanks again for the visit!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bowling in the Windy City

Flat J is visiting Jack and Hannah in Barack Obama's neighborhood in Chicago.

They took him bowling this week!

Welcome Flat John!

On a rainy day in March, we made a Flat John.

We put him in an envelope and set him to visit Aunt Abi in Madison Wisconsin. What a blast! Aunt Abi nicknamed him Flat J, and spent a weekend teaching him physics. He enjoyed the kitchen in the co-op where Abi lives. He hid in the houseplants and went on an indoor safari. He went out to dinner with a friend from Ecuador, and was afraid of the "flatbread" that was served, fearing he might be part of the next meal. He attended church, and enjoyed sliding down the bannister there.

His next stop is with Uncle Jack and Aunt Hannah in Hyde Park, in Chicago. One college town to another!